Legal Or Symbolic Ceremony In Bali You Need To Know

Tying the knot in the wedding destination, Bali, might be many people's dream. The tropical beach place makes the best spot for the wedding. There are also many uluwatu wedding venue. But, do you know what kind of ceremony it would be? On this beautiful island, you can pick the legal or symbolic ceremony to commence. Here is a brief intake of the two.

Legal Wedding

Yes, you can hold a legal wedding and be officially bound with the local law. And foreigners can do the same in Bali. Your statue will be recognized in your home country, as long as you follow the steps and paperwork. In this case, you will need to follow the local laws and customs. That is why you better ask for helping hands to take care of the procession.

For an Indonesian wedding, you will need to abide by the legal requirement. Some of them are over 18 years old, follow the religious ceremony, have the same religion, and fulfill all of the paperwork. Some of the paperwork and files include passports, birth certificates, and some other certificates. The paperwork and requirements can vary based on your home country.

Bali tend to come with special planners. You can ask for help to take care of some paperwork. Consulting with a trusted wedding planner will give you the proper law-abiding ceremony. It is because the legal process includes creating a document and proposing different religious wedding processes, which take time, money, and effort to follow.

Symbolic Ceremony 

Non-legal marriages or symbolic weddings are mostly around a figurative ceremony. In this case, you don't need any paperwork or a permit in Bali. At some point, the options are less expensive since you don't need to pay for many documents and laws. However, it does not mean you don't have a merry celebration and party.

The non-legal wedding also means you don't have to declare the faith and hire a real priest. And the process does not need to abide by religious progression. It also works for a couple with a different religion or same-sex wedding. One thing is for sure, the wedding organizer needs to approve your proposal that includes the planning and procession. 

Tourists or locals can get married in Bali. Whether legal or simply a symbolic ceremony, the choice is yours. However, the thing that you need to highlight and pinpoint is the process. Legal weddings demand more paperwork and local laws. Meanwhile, symbolism allows you to hold the party without the roundabout official local and Indonesian procedures.

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